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In a recent visit to one of the primary schools in Ranginia, I asked a student who was in class 3 to read a paragraph from the a new book that I had just got from Pratham.

He had immense difficulty in reading a small paragraph also. I then asked him to read a paragraph from his class book. That he was able to read with less difficulty.

I wondered why and thought about it. It told me that the students were actually not developing the art of reading as much as they were developing the art of rote learning. They were able to remember the entire story.

To which I asked myself, why was this even happening. Shouldn’t a child in class 3 atleast know how to read properly? That was the trigger for one of the activities that our project champions end up doing on almost every visit to the schools.

Book reading sessions being conducted

The key however is not just to have the people from our project read a story to the children and go, but to also have the children come in front of the class and read aloud. Reading aloud enables then to improve their reading capacities, which would in the end be a beneficial part of their education.

Book Reading

The project champions were provided the necessary training on how to conduct a book reading session. The points that they had to remember were to engage the children in the readings and story telling

Demonstrating a book reading activity

So far there have been numerous of these book reading and story-telling sessions that have been conducted by the champions Deepika and Guriya, and they have become experts at it. We are hopeful that they will create an impact, that the children would cherish forever.

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