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One of the key activities that has come about during our project is this meeting with the parents that we have.

Here is an update of schedule of the “monthly open parent-teacher meeting” on how it is being conducted and what is aimed from this exercise.

We organised the first open parent-teacher meeting with one school on International Literacy Day (September 8) then again on October 1, Sunday in another school, where approximately 55 people including some teachers and the principal gathered and attended the meeting to hear and talk to our scholars (champions) .

And we are trying to continue the process as much as possible atleast twice in a month (increase it from the earlier once a month). In these meetings, the scholars Deepika and Guriya , usually speak about the common problems due to illiteracy and benefits and importance of education, health & hygiene, girls’s early marriage or issues related to women (as there are many in those areas) .

Then, the scholars do an open discussion there itself as question and answer period for almost around 40 minutes as then the parents keep their querries of the issues related to their children regarding their lifestyle, their studies, mid-day meal in the school and similar questions for themselves also, related to their daily life.

The plan ahead is to go with it every month on a regular basis, apart from the regular sessions of reading, story-telling, quiz sessions, games and all other activities that we have been doing since the past 6 months.
Inviting parents to the meetings

One problem we face is the time of conducting of these activities. They cannot be done during the class hours. So we are trying to do it mostly after the schools’s periods in the week days or on Sundays as more of the people especially children (from schools) and women/mothers get some
free time on Sundays. Meetings are conducted mostly at any public place very near to any of the three schools, that we are covering at present. So, its also comfortable, for the people to come over directly just by knowing the school’s name as when and wherever it happens.

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