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One of the things we are were curiously looking out in the Census data that is revealed once in ten years is the progress was te literacy rates across India in 2011.
The Map showing Literacy Rate in India, Census 2011

It comes as no surprise that the literacy rate for Bihar is amongst the lowest in the country. There is a lot of work to be done, and is being done. There are a lot of schemes being run by the government in this regard and the hope is that with increased attendance due to these schemes, the overall education levels would increase and literacy levels improve.

A very interesting study was done by the “Accountability Initiative” where they discuss about the relation between these schemes and the attendance in schools.

Here a table from that blog, that outlinese these schemes. It is amazing to see the level to which it has been thought through.

Government Schemes

It is also well known that the cycle schemes for girls in Bihar has been amongst the most successful schemes in the country and is being replicated by various other governments. Here’s hoping that more of the schemes are successful, so that our project can bring in more value to the education system in Bihar.

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