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Over the past year and half we have focused on different kind of activities for the primary schools.

In many of our visits that we make to the government high schools, we have often asked this question: What do you want to become / do when you grow up?” The most common answer that we get are Doctor, Engineer (by boys) and Teacher (by girls)

We have been wanting to have activities for the high school students as well for a long time to enhance this thinking towards other career alternatives. So far, in the high schools, we only have the Rukmini Devi Scholarship, but that is limited to very few (girl) students. So we have been thinking on how to conduct activities that can have a larger outreach. We discussed this at length with the principals and teachers of the area too.

A result of those discussions is that we have our new event on Career Awareness Seminar amongst high school students. This event will be held twice a year, and will specifically aim to inform the students about options available after they complete their basic K12 education. It is hoped that the students will make better informed decision on what they wish to study after their basic education and not just blindly follow what others are saying.

Through our parent organization Happy Horizons Trust, these Career Awareness Seminar sessions will also look to inviting volunteers who would like to share their insights about different fields.

What do you want to become?

The first event is scheduled to be held in mid August in Simri Bakhtiarpur, Bihar.

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