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One of the firm beliefs that we have within the program is that the education has to happen for the different stakeholders in the program. There are the teachers, who often are uneducated about many things and then the major ones are the parents, who are still illiterate.

So, on the occasion of the world literacy day, we organized a session to interact with the parents of the local village Raipura, at the Madhya Vidyalaya Raipura.

An inspiring thing that has happened after the last Career Awareness event in August, is the fact that there are more people who believe in our causes and would like to support us in some manner. We had a teacher from a private school, and a recently graduated doctor also accompany the team comprised of project manager Vinay, Vatsala and the 3 champions this time.

On literacy

The champions spoke about literacy, and the evils child labor, child marriage that are so prevalent in the society these days.

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It was really motivating for us was when the guardians and parents re-invited the team to hold these sessions regularly and inform them from before.

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