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At this point, it is important to give some updates on our work and what we have in store in the coming year. We move into the new year, with more hope and confidence in our work and a lot more good wishes from our supporters.

Over the last couple of years, we have come close to completing around 140 sessions in the different schools. We are really glad of this and really proud of the champions Deepika, Mani, Smriti and Guriya who have helped us in this. The presence of our local project manager, Vinay has also brought in a lot of discipline into the activities and it is really rewarding to see him develop into a leader.

We did a random visit to the schools, to see whether our programs have had any impact. We were glad to find the reading levels, the confidence and the writing levels improved. Things still may not seem right as the way we see it, but when you think about the situation from where came, we really feel good.

What inspires us..

In the coming year we continue to pledge to do more of our activity sessions. These sessions are now better organized and we want to emphasise on experiential learning and activity based learnings.

We will be increasing our champions intake from 2 to 4 this year and hope to expand our outreach to newer schools.

We are also in the process of launching our Digital & Internet Literacy project with our partner computer center and we are really excited about this! More about this in the posts to follow.

Needless to say all of these expansions are going to require more funds, and we hope to be able to raise it with the help of our supporters and well wishers.

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  1. Ajit Chouhan

    Excellent work ! Glad to see the idea being translated into action on ground and creating meaningful impact for so many student. Best wishes

  2. Rakesh Ranjan

    Thanks for the updates, looking forward to participate. Congrats to entire team.

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