UNICEF 2011 year end report

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2011 has definitely been an interesting year, with lot of things happening world wide. Watch UNICEF’s year in review. This is the year that also made me realize the value of being a Social Entrepreneur. It is with this hope that we set out in 2012 to become an organization that is creating impact on… Read more »

Talk at Vidya Vihar Purnea

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It is my personal belief that as folks who have had access to a great education, have a larger responsibility on our shoulders than others who don’t. The same thought resonated within me, when I read this at Seth Godin’s blog post today, “Your job, your internet access, your education, your role in a civilized… Read more »

A SWOT analysis

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One of the key tools I use in my research is the SWOT analysis. Tried to do the same when thinking about the state of Bihar and here’s an initial thought on it. While enrolment has risen, attendance in school has not. This is a matter of concern. Data from school observations between the Annual Survey of… Read more »

A case for Design for Social Impact

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I am sure every one has a common question? Why is this important? The numerous problems that fact the world today and our little bit to do what we can to make he world a better place. Perhaps the most important thing when dealing for social impact solutions is having patience. This could be either while… Read more »