Report on the Career Awareness Seminar

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We had a hectic but really satisfying experience of conducting the Career Awareness seminar at the high school grounds in Simri Bakhtiarpur, Saharsa. The response to the event was so good that it inspires and motivates us to continue to do such events in the near future as well. The students of Tagore Public School,… Read more »

Career Awareness Seminar

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Over the past year and half we have focused on different kind of activities for the primary schools. In many of our visits that we make to the government high schools, we have often asked this question: What do you want to become / do when you grow up?” The most common answer that we… Read more »

Selecting New Champions

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We are in the process of selecting the new champions and it has been an interesting experience so far. We got an awesome 19 students from class 9,10 and 11 who were interested in becoming champions for this new academic year. Out of this, we will be selecting 3 or 4 of them. We need… Read more »

The irony of child education in Rural India

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In the last post we outlined the different schemes that the government is running for the upliftment of child education in the society. All of them have a common agenda and that is to ensure that there is regular attendance of the students in the schools, and the classes are conducted on time and on… Read more »

Update on the Open parent-champion-teacher meeting

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One of the key activities that has come about during our project is this meeting with the parents that we have. Here is an update of schedule of the “monthly open parent-teacher meeting” on how it is being conducted and what is aimed from this exercise. We organised the first open parent-teacher meeting with one… Read more »

Emphasis on book reading and story telling

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In a recent visit to one of the primary schools in Ranginia, I asked a student who was in class 3 to read a paragraph from the a new book that I had just got from Pratham. He had immense difficulty in reading a small paragraph also. I then asked him to read a paragraph… Read more »