Promo video of project

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We have been working on a short video to highlight the features of the project. The aim is to reach out to more audience. The story of the champions need to be heard. Target to launch the video is February 2013.

What do you want to learn today ?

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We have often asked this question to the students in the schools we visit. Illustration by Jean-Baptiste Haag, the intern.

Empowering the girl child

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Here’s a promotional poster of our project, based on one of our favorite quotes. One of the key things in the project is that we look towards empowering women, through mentoring, scholarships, training sessions and building confidence. They then engage with the society on multiple levels. Illustration by Jean-Baptiste Haag, the intern on the project.

On Life skills…

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We have been brainstorming on a lot more ways to improve the quality of education and the activities around it. One of the key things we have identified is the need to educate the children about life skills. Intern Jean-Baptiste writes on this need. School is a way to get life skills By life skills,… Read more »

Update on the Open parent-champion-teacher meeting

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One of the key activities that has come about during our project is this meeting with the parents that we have. Here is an update of schedule of the “monthly open parent-teacher meeting” on how it is being conducted and what is aimed from this exercise. We organised the first open parent-teacher meeting with one… Read more »

The role of Anganwadi workers

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In the past few years there has been a growing number of workers in the rural areas who take care of the pregnant mothers and children when they are young. These are the Anganwadi workers and their role is very critical in the ecosystem presently. They are supposed to be traveling across the villages, where… Read more »

The challenges with Design for Social Impact

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When we speak of Wicked problems in Design, we understand the challenges it comes with. As a designer it is often difficult to separate out the problems and tackle only one of them. In our discussions that happen about the kind of things we wish to work on, we often face this issue. We start… Read more »

Intern Report: Visit to Parikrma Foundation’s Schools

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3/ Parikrma Foundation We visited the different Parikrma schools in the city Bangalore to get to know about the activities they are conducting and to understand the way the schools are run. This small report is based on the visit to the Sahakarnagar school. Parikrma foundation is a private school where its founders asked themselves… Read more »

Intern Report : Research

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This is the second in the series of project update report written by intern Jean- Baptiste. 2/ Researches: second round Time has come for brainstormings and other idea-organizing works. Now that we are more used to these data, I have been able to sort them and list some of the major problems we face and… Read more »

Primary vs Secondary Education

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One of the challenges facing the nation today is the need to ensure a less dropout rate when the students go from the Primary level to Secondary level education. This is especially true in areas where we function the project. The quality of education at numerous primary schools across the country is still questionable and… Read more »