Intern report : The current state of education in India

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1. The current state of education in India I have spend quite a lot of time looking for informations, figures and whatever I could find about education in India, its current problems, and people trying to improve it. The aim was to find as much information and ideas as possible, to get a point of… Read more »

Welcoming the Design Intern

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We welcome our new Design Intern Jean-Baptiste Haag from the Lecole de Design Nantes Atlantique (France). He is presently a student at the Masters program in Transcultural Design at the India campus of the Lecole de Design Nantes Alantique. Jean will be working on create products in the realm of Design for Social Impact. Tell… Read more »

Parents meeting – On World Literacy Day

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We believe strongly in the fact that parents should definitely take more interest in the education of their children. Often when we have discussed with the teachers of the schools on what problems they face when it comes to teaching the kids, they invariably mention that the support from the parents is missing. The parents… Read more »

The importance of family support

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In our visit to the schools, we often ask the teachers on where the loopholes is in the education system according to them. Being closely associated with the students, they are able to give attention only to a certain extent and it thus becomes important that the students get attention beyond the classrooms. The teachers,… Read more »

Emphasis on book reading and story telling

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In a recent visit to one of the primary schools in Ranginia, I asked a student who was in class 3 to read a paragraph from the a new book that I had just got from Pratham. He had immense difficulty in reading a small paragraph also. I then asked him to read a paragraph… Read more »

The state of education in Bihar

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Over the last couple of days, I visited a few government schools where my project champions (I like to call the scholarship holders of the Pick Me, Click Me, Educate Me! project as champions) conduct their activities. The visit served up multiple purposes. One was to get feedback from the teachers on the activities that… Read more »

The need to improve quality of education

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While there may be many people lauding the efforts of the various central and state governments in creating various schemes for the success of education, it is a known fact by now that the quality of education is not there upto the mark yet. While we pride on the fact that a lot of children… Read more »